A-Check Direct™
Our Advanced Screening Interface

A-Check Global's cloud-based background screening solution, A-Check Direct™, is a secure and intuitive system designed to offer clients an effective method to order and retrieve screening results.

A-Check Direct's™ technology allows unlimited users from limitless locations 24-7 access to order and retrieve results in real-time, while user privilege options allow complete control and oversight of the background screening program.

The A-Check Direct™ system is more than just an ordering portal. It affords clients many special features designed to aid in executing each step in the screening process and help hiring professionals make informed decisions based on compliant data.

A-Check Direct® Features

Real Time Reporting

Service requests entered in A-Check Direct™ are processed in real time. Reports are continuously updated with the most current reportable data available. Results for certain automated searches are available in a matter of seconds. While some components may require manual verification, others can be completed in a matter of minutes.

24-7 Account Access

A-Check Direct™ is available 24-7. Orders can be placed and retrieved any time of day, from anywhere in the world. With our cloud-based system, clients can securely log in, utilize the system, and manage their account from anywhere with an internet connection

Direct Electronic Connection to Courts

A-Check Global's direct, electronic connection with many of the nation's digital courthouse records dramatically reduces turnaround times. As more courts make records available electronically, A-Check Global creates additional links for expedited service.


For courts without electronic access, our research suppliers are called to action to complete the criminal record investigation the minute an order is placed. Our researcher network is continuously evaluated for quality, accuracy and speed. Upon search completion, results are uploaded directly into A-Check Direct™ in real time, for optimal turnaround time.

Tiered User Privilege Levels

A-Check Global's highly customizable user privilege options result in complete control and oversight of your organization's screening program. Five distinct access and privilege levels are offered, each with customizable parameters to meet your organization's goals.

Supplier Management Program

A-Check Direct™ fully supports supplier and vendor management programs. Our system facilitates program standardization and data management to ensure the quality of your contingent labor screening program. A-Check Global will establish your suppliers and/or vendors in dedicated sub-accounts and guide them through the unique screening processes required by your organization. You retain complete oversight of the process. Programs for independent contractors, statement of work contractors and vendors are also available to meet individual risk management objectives.

Compliant FCRA Adverse and Pre-adverse Notifications

A-Check Direct™ affords clients the flexibility to customize FCRA Adverse and Pre-adverse Notifications to suit their specific business needs while maintaining compliance with applicable federal laws. Clients have the option to print notification letters directly from the A-Check Direct™ Platform or may engage A-Check Global in facilitating the notification process on their behalf.

Screening Process Transparency

Once a request is entered in A-Check Direct™, each contact attempt and step leading to the completion of a report is logged and viewable to the client. A-Check Direct™ users are continuously updated on the status and progress of their requests in detail. Additionally, A-Check Direct™ automatically notifies the client upon report completion.

Clear Visual Cues for Report Status

Determining whether a file or components within a file contain potentially adverse information is easily identified through easy to understand icons and text descriptions.

Clear and Concise Background Check Reports

A-Check Direct™ generates well organized, easy to read reports designed with the end user in mind. Reports feature visual notifications on items requiring further review. Additionally, icons are available to denote files meeting client-specific adjudication guidelines.

ATS/HCM Integration

A-Check Direct™ readily integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Capital Management software. A-Check Global’s proven experience and consultative approach results in a clearly delineated and predictable path to integration. A-Check Global’s knowledgeable and experienced implementation and integration professionals manage the integration process from inception to testing and completion.

Dynamic Management Reports

Clients enjoy instant access to comprehensive management reporting features through A-Check Direct®. Informative reports generated in real time are available to manage turnaround times, spending, results analysis and more.

Current integrations in place with A-Check Direct® include:

  • Taleo Enterprise Edition
  • Taleo Business Edition
  • Agile-1 Acceleration Pro
  • Oracle PeopleSoft 8.9 and 9.0
  • Kenexa
  • Kronos
  • HR Smart
  • iCIMS
  • RightThing
  • and more!

Contact A-Check Global today, and tell us about your background screening needs. We will schedule a demonstration of our system’s capabilities that addresses issues relevant to your specific situation.