Speed and Quality

A-Check Global understands risk mitigation needs are often balanced with requests for an expedient onboarding process. High production periods and seasonal staffing requirements frequently necessitate a swift background screening process. A-Check Global utilizes all reasonable and responsible means available to ensure we offer best-in-class turnaround times and accuracy on all services provided.

A-Check Global's research specialists and suppliers are regularly evaluated and measured on their ability to continuously provide superior levels of service, fast turnaround times, and high levels of accuracy. A-Check Global maintains reports on average turnaround times for all of our services and offers our clients on-demand turnaround time reports through A-Check Directâ„¢. Additionally, notations on anticipated turnaround time for services are placed directly in applicant files for client review.

At A-Check Global, 100% of screening reports are reviewed by our Quality Control and Compliance Department for compliance with applicable regulations, and individual client business rules.

We understand a live applicant is behind every file processed. Therefore, we extend our dedication to speed and quality to our dispute process. It is A-Check Global's goal and policy to resolve applicant disputes within 3 days as opposed to the standard 30-45 days.