Value Added Services

A-Check Global has an extensive history in the background screening industry, and through this experience we are able to bring a number of added value services to our clients. These no-cost and low-cost value added services and enhancements have resulted in significant savings to our clients, measured in lower turnaround times, faster time to hire, and lower bottom line screening costs.

Dedicated Quality Control and Compliance

Trained experts in A-Check's Quality Control and Compliance Department review each and every report to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state requirements as well as any particular client business rules. International requests receive an additional compliance layer to ensure adherence to country-specific data and reporting requirements.

Continuous Account Optimization

During the life of the account, A-Check Global will continuously monitor and analyze your employment screening program. We provide proactive suggestions and solutions for overall improvement and cost savings.

Client Specific Contact Methods

A-Check Global offers client dedicated e-mail addresses and fax numbers. These dedicated contact methods enable clients to reach us easily for updates, concerns or basic questions quickly. Contact made through these channels is directed to the clients dedicated account team for a faster response and expedited action from all departments managing your account.

Executive Level Attention

A-Check Global clients always have direct access to executive, managerial and training staff. We strive to build positive working relationships with our clients by offering a direct line of communication to management to provide additional training, address service issues, or any other concerns.

Electronic Document Management and Storage

Clients can upload supporting applicant documentation directly to A-Check Global’s systems for easy reference and auditability. The Document Management feature affords clients paperless process options. A-Check Global also uploads applicant-provided documentation making it available through our online system to client designates.

Scheduled and On-demand Training

A-Check Global’s Training Department offers online and in-person system training sessions, process/protocol training and knowledge enrichment training including Background Check 101, a primer covering appropriate use of employment screening reports. Online training is available for new and existing users at no added cost.

Best Practices Consultation

A-Check Global provides consultative support to clients on best practices in maximizing compliance, mitigating risk and cost control measures. A-Check Global’s Compliance Department offers answers to employment screening related questions and assists clients with employee screening program compliance-related issues. Please note: A-Check Global does not provide legal advice to clients. Clients are encourage to consult with their legal counsel on any specific legal questions or concerns.

Speedy Re-investigations

A-Check Global strives to complete all reinvestigations arising from a disputed report within a 3 business day time frame as opposed to the standard 30-45 days (U.S.).

24-7 Real Time updates

Information is updated on A-Check Global’s systems as received, on a continuous basis, in real time. To ensure compliance with the FCRA guidelines, only reportable criminal record information is viewable by client.

24-5 Live Customer Support

A-Check Global’s Client Relations team is available 24 hours a day to answer phone calls, respond to client e-mails and provide updates on your account. Our client relations team works directly in our Riverside, California operations center and can provide answers to questions quickly, any time of day or night.